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A micro jobs marketplace for all

TasksFiesta.com is a secure, innovative and user friendly platform for buying and selling online micro jobs and services starting at ₹300 such as a logo for your new blog, a writeup for your business plan or a basic Android app for your business. Helping freelancers and home makers turn their knowledge, talent or hobby into a permanent source of income!


Install4Install is a free app promotion & exploration service and connects developers with other developers & end users. Helping small scale App development companies increase their profits! Developers can get free installs, ratings, reviews & testing feedback for their Android, iOS and Windows Phone Apps. End users can explore thousands of Apps using our Explore feature.

App Screenshot Generator

AppScreenshotGenerator lets developers create free and beautiful mockups based screenshots for their App listings at Android Marketplace, iTunes App store and Windows phone App store. Developers can also submit their own Mockups and earn revenue when others personalize their mockups.

App Worth Calculator

App Worth Calculator helps developers calculate the real value of their Android, iOS or windows phone application using our automated information pulling system and our extensive background research about the Apps and their marketplaces.


Tinyit.cc is one of the earliest and free URL shorteners with its own API, deep analytics and plugins. It is being used by thousands of users since its launch and has over 30,000 URL's shortened.

Lets Learn CS

Lets Learn CS is a our effort to give back to our community by creating a free wiki for quality Computer Science articles. If you are a Computer Science enthusiast and interested in contributing articles to this Wiki, please send us an email.